Tinnitus (ringing in the ear)

Sad woman covering her ears isolated on a gray backgroundIt can be very disturbing when a person perceives noises in their ears or head, often described as ringing, whistling, buzzing, clicking or humming. Sometimes it can be heard in one ear or both, can be constant or come and go. It is a widespread problem and the sound can cause anxiety.


Although it is often assumed that tinnitus is a result or damage to the ear, but frequently found to be a symptom generated by the patient’s own auditory pathways, but the precise cause is not fully understood.

If the cause is damage and the damage is permanent there is no cure, but certain hearing aids can help, when hearing is impaired, tinnitus masker can help. Possible Solutions with Hypnotherapy can help coping with the noise. The treatment works with the perception of the sound as some people more troubled by the sound which can trigger fearful emotional responses and fears which can be rationalised and explained during therapy.

 It is important to get diagnosis form GP before you see any conventional therapists for the treatment of tinnitus because it can be the sign of inner ear infection or something more serious.