Smoking Cessation

Stop smoking mature male doctor break cigarette

I believe there are only smokers and non-smokers, an occasional smoker soon returns to smoking. Stop smoking treatment will involve the taking of a detailed case history to gain account of the daily smoking routine and triggering situations, so that the hypnotic script can be personalised.

Possible Solutions with Hypnotherapy will not only deal with the habit but will focus on the patient’s control over eating habits to avoid replacing smoking with eating. Smoking has no health benefits it increases stress oppose to the myths it is the distraction which helps with coping not smoking.

Possible Solutions with Hypnotherapy will aim to help to maintain will power even after therapy finished. Therapy normally lasts for one session if there is a true will to quit.

Possible Solutions with Hypnotherapy can also help if a part of the patient is unsure about quitting please contact me for further details.

Please note results vary individually and there is no guarantee of success!