Skin Problems (Dermatology)

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Skin is the largest organ of the body, defence against bacterial and viral attack. Our skin and nervous system came from the same cells, stress and anxiety can adversely affect the skin. Skin disorder can cause emotional disturbances which can prolong symptoms.


Possible Solutions with Hypnotherapy can help to cope with the discomfort as well as accepting and ignore irritation, itching and burning sensation. It can also help to deal with the underlying anxiety and positive acceptance. Clinical hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind, along with behavioural therapeutic techniques, to provide the essential changes and tools required to overcome and manage skin disorders.

Acne (acne vulgaris):

Common in adolescence, emotionally and developmentally vulnerable stage in life. It affects the natural lubrication for hair follicles and the surrounding skin, mainly on face, back, shoulders and chest. Chocolate, sugar and soaps have no influence on the onset of course of acne. It has a strong connection to family history but the real cause is unknown.

Acne rosacea:

Resembles to the above but different condition, predominantly affects middle aged adults, accompanied by flushing and enlargement of spider-like blood vessels beneath the skin. Areas involved usually confined to face. What causing acne rosacea is not known, although sensitive to caffeine, alcohol and certain drugs. Affecting both sexes in some men prolonged experience results thickening skin on nose (rhinophyma).


Itchy, peeling, thickened skin, sometimes weepy, typical in ceases of joints and the trunk of body, scratch can lead to bleeding and infection. There are different sub types of eczema. Usually stress, mechanical irritation and heat worsen the rash. Dietary factors are occasionally important, especially in children.


Characterised by plaques of red, scaly, easily bleeding skin, often developing over the knees, elbows, trunk and back. Over development of the epidermal skin cell, 3-4 days instead of 28. The results in buildup of these cells resulting symptoms of psoriasis. Nails may develop pitting, in some cases are associated with severe arthritis. Cause of psoriasis is not known, genetic factors may play a role and stress, cold climate and other illnesses can affect the condition. Remission is common.


Overgrowths of the skin cells caused by the human papilloma virus. Major symptom is cosmetic can be wide variety of appearances. In warm moist areas, such as the genitalia they may grow exuberantly to larger sizes. Spread by person-to-person, or self-inoculation through scratching and picking. Development depends on the immune response to the virus. 25% will resolve spontaneously in 6 months, 50% by a year, 65% over 2 years. Can be treated with creams, freezing, surgical removal. But if any virus remains it can return.