Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

download (4)IBS is a widespread condition that can continue for many years without a deterioration of the health of the patient.  The exact cause of IBS is unknown but often excessive mucus and a disturbance of the patterns of peristalsis may occur.

Symptoms may include: abdominal distress or pain often after eating, variations in their pattern on defecation, urgency to use the toilet often after eating, bloating, back pain, nausea, belching and vomiting, tiredness, headaches and urinary or gnathological symptoms.

Certain foods and drink can trigger IBS (alcohol, caffeine, processed food etc.) Can be mild, moderate or severe.

Must have 6 months’ history of bloating, abdominal eating, aggravated by eating, passage of mucus rectally, altered passage of stool etc. to be treated as IBS.

Long term IBS can lead to anxiety and depression which can also exacerbate the symptoms. IBS can be triggered by stress, eating certain foods, traumatic events, childhood abuse, neglect, serious childhood illnesses. It doesn’t mean all in the mind but Possible Solutions with hypnotherapy can help with emotional stress, past anxiety and pain management to make the condition more acceptable.

Always get diagnosed by your GP before you see a conventional therapist for the treatment of IBS.