Feeling Stressed? Here is something to help you relax:

My Hypno-relaxation workshops are designed to help participants to relax and learn about techniques to reduce stress. Chronic stress contributes heavily to illnesses, high blood pressure, insomnia, aggression, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and many more health conditions.

During a session with me, you are guided to a deep relaxation via the state of hypnotic trance. I am also using mindfulness and positive psychology to effectively strengthen your self-esteem, and self confidence.

You can feel the benefit of hypnotherapy after the first session this will increase as we go on, and can be maintained by practicing self-hypnosis, I will teach you at the last session.

Please check  later for future dates*:

Session One: 

-Brief explanation of Hypnotherapy

-Progressive Relaxation

Session Two: 

-Why stress is damaging for your health?

-Breathing for relaxation

-Healing White Light

Session Three: 

-The benefits of Mindful Thinking

-Learning to love the Inner Child

Session Four: 

-Creating your calmer future

-Visiting the future

Session Five: 

-The benefits of Self-Hypnosis

-Learning Self-Hypnosis

Address: Buckhurst Hill Community Association

Bedford House, 4 Westbury Road

Buckhurst Hill, Essex, IG9 5NW

Prices: £75 for 5 sessions or £20 for one off session (please note places are limited book your place now to avoid disappointment)

*disclaimer: these classes are specially designed by Possible Solutions Hypnotherapy. All rights reserved.