Dystonia (nervous tick)

Handsome businessman sitting at teh table with back painInvoluntary and sustained muscular spasm, in some cases lead to pain, can affect various parts of the body and extreme cases cause abnormal movement and posture.

Primary dystonia has no identifiable cause, spontaneous comes and goes, and affected by stress and anxiety.

The most common dystonia is when the patient experiencing muscular spasm in the neck causing twist to one side, forwards or backwards, neck may be held permanently in distorted position. Other forms can affect: around the eyes, blinking, muscles of the jaw, tongue, mouth, speech muscles in the throat, hand or forearm (writer’s cramp). Psychological origin goes away if you take away the stress indicator or stress level Clinical Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of relieving symptoms.

Nervous tick (Psychogenic dystonia): often seen around the eyes and mouth, psychogenic dystonia tent to be the result of suppressed emotion or prolonged period of stress often go with the passage of time and can be treated with hypnosis.

 Possible Solution with Hypnotherapy offers a patient-centred approach and considers the individual differences such as lifestyle, occupational demands, social support, health habits, personal coping skills, goals and expectation of treatment.

It is important to get diagnosis form GP before you see any conventional therapists as it could be caused by a compressed nerve, viral infection, cyst which grows on nerves or gut bacteria!