world-asthma-day-background_My6l85Pu_LAsthma is a common condition around the western world, it can be life threatening. Asthma affect the bronchioles in the lungs, during an attack the bronchioles becomes inflamed, and the inner lining produces excess mucus immune system over reacts.

Symptoms include, difficulty breathing, tightness in chest, wheezy breathing, unproductive coughing at night, shortness of breath. Triggers: Stress anxiety can make it worse, cold, exercise, smoke, mould. Precise reasons for the development of the condition unknown. Cognitive factors can play a role in the maintenance and management of asthma Possible Solutions with Hypnotherapy could help to change old cognitive patterns to help with the management of asthma. Poor stress management can make symptoms worse Possible Solution with Hypnotherapy can help to cope with the sensation of the attacks and reduce anxiety provoking situations by finding the triggers.

Possible Solution with Hypnotherapy offers a patient-centred approach and considers the individual differences such as lifestyle, occupational demands, social support, health habits, personal coping skills, goals and expectation of treatment.

 It is important to get diagnosis form GP before you see any conventional therapists for the treatment of asthma! Never stop your medication without the approval of your GP!