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As a linguist, in the last 10 years, I was working with various public service departments. During this time, I worked with and assisted many people from different backgrounds. My aim was always to find the perfect profession to be able to assist people to live a fulfilling and positive life. As an eclectic/ pluralistic therapist I am flexible with my therapeutic approaches and I choose my techniques based on my client’s needs but Mindfulness based Clinical Hypnotherapy is my personal favourite.


Clinical Hypnotherapy always fascinated me as it uses the power of language to make the possible fundamental changes.

Because Clinical Hypnotherapy is not regulated, I have chosen to study for the highest qualification available in the UK and was mentored by Peter Mabbutt leading professional and the co-author of Hypnotherapy for Dummies.

I have completed my Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy with The London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH) affiliated by The University of West London.

I am running my practice but at the same time I continue my professional development towards the Master’s level to give my clients the best expertise available today. As a linguist I deliver therapy in English and in Hungarian.

My Passion: Life Balance Harmony Meter Shows Lifestyle And Job Desires

My experience taught me that every one of us is unique and full of potentials which can be fulfilled or work towards with the right help and advice. Because of the pressure of today’s society and changing environment we need strong self-confidence to deal with our everyday problems and to interact with others. Stress-management, is an essential part of dealing with life’s challenges. Feeling anxious and worried over a long period can result in health issues and can lead to depression or GAD. Possible Solutions with Hypnotherapy specifically designed to help you to cope better with life’s challenges.

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